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Faux Fur Wrap 


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Faux Fur Wrap 

Written By: Meg Allan Cole 


Lining fabric (1) 

Sewing machine (1) 

faux fur (1) 

heavy cotton or muslin for your pattern (1) 

hook & eye closure or ribbon (1) 


By purchasing the nicest faux fur you can find you can create a retro, Mad Men-style wrap 
that is animal-friendly. 

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Faux Fur Wrap 


TO ** 

# Take some heavy cotton or muslin 
to create a pattern piece, or use 
the one I created: 

• Take your faux fur and place it with the nap of the fur facing down. Place your pattern 
piece on top and pin the perimeter. Cut the fur out with a utility knife. 

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Faux Fur Wrap 

Choose a lining fabric that is a heavier cotton. Pin your newly cut faux fur to your lining 
fabric, good sides together, and sew the perimeter leaving a 1/4" seam allowance. 

Leave an unsewn gap and turn the piece right-side-out. Fold and pin the gap, then sew it 

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Faux Fur Wrap 

Add a hook and eye closure or a nice ribbon and rock your faux fur wrap. 

Using a basic sewing pattern you can create the same wrap as I did. Here is the link to the 
pattern: 1/1 ... 

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